Videopac G7200

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The Videopac G7200 is a variant of the Videopac G7000. It has a 23 cm built-in black- and white screen. Due to the keyboard, the regular G7000 already looked like a computer, but with its display the G7200 gives even more the impression of a PC. The G7200 however, featured the same “limited” processor as the G7000, making it inadequate to run as a full-fledged PC / console hybrid.

Advertisements argued that if mom and dad wanted to watch television, the built-in black- and white screen offered a sollution by allowing the kids to continue playing in their room. The fun was almost literally endless. A win-win situation, right? Not entirely, because many Videopac games used colour to distinguish gameplay elements from each other. The black and white screen therefore made some games virtually unplayable. However, the G7200 had the great advantage that it had the option of connecting the Videopac to a TV via SCART. This was mad possible with a separate an 8-pin adapter. This resulted in a clearer and sharper image compared to the G7000.

The two controller ports where placed in the black plastic on the front. From my own experience I can say that they are very difficult to approach. To properly place the controllers, you need to tilt the entire console on its back and at the same time push, with some pressure, the 8-pin connector into the correct, poorly visible, hole. Not really ideal. Finally, three buttons have been placed on the front to adjust the contrast, brightness and volume.

The G7200 is made by Philips. The German Schneider and the French Radiola Jet also released their own variant of the G7200 under license. Both in a deep blue color, much like the N60.

NameVideopac G7200
TypeHome Console
Lifespanjan. 1983-
Worth500 euro
Prices500 gulden
Rarityvery rare
PredecessorVideopac N60
SuccessorVideopac+ G7400
Dimensions370 x 410 x 230 cm
Weight5,5 kg
CPUIntell 8048
GPUVideo Display Controller (VDC): Custom Intel IC generating all audio & video
RAM1 kb
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